The Guild of Guides

A short history.

The Foundation of the Guild

 The Guild was formed in 1981 as a non-profit making body to assist tourism in the City. The guides are unpaid volunteers who have made a study of the origins and development of Hereford. They have been accepted as the Mayor’s Official Guides and are proud to wear a badge with the city’s coat-of-arms.
Each guide prepares his or her own route, varying it to suit the walkers and the weather. Every walk will take in places of particular interest in the centre; and though it is not usual to go into buildings, those of special importance that are open will be pointed out. The guide will tell you about the history of the City and suggest other places you may care to visit on your own.

Guides receive first Mayoral Commendation

Jean ODonnell, founder and President of the Guild of Guides, and Bob Preece, Head Guide, receiving the first Mayoral Commendation from the Mayor, Councillor Anna Toon.

Mayor's Commendation

Be it known that at a meeting of the Hereford City Council on 5th October 2010, it was resolved that the Hereford Guild of Guides receive a Mayoral Commendation. This award recognises thirty
years of voluntary service by members of the Guild in promoting tourism and assisting visitors to the city with guided walks.
On behalf of the Council and people of the City, this
Commendation is awarded by the Right Worshipful the Mayor of Hereford, Councillor Anna Toon.
Signed Anna Toon
Dated 2nd December 2010 

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