Booked Talks

Booked Talks

We offer Booked Talks for groups and organisations that may like to have a guided tour brought to your venue. You can make a booking for any date throughout the year. We offer presentations to suit your particular needs including Historical Hereford, Hauntings and Horrors, Elgar in Hereford and Famous People from Hereford.

Please see details of our latest offerings below, a fascinating  talk about the Kemble family and their relationship with Hereford, Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians and Agriculture and Industry in Hereford.

For those organisations and groups planning bookings please contact the Booking Secretary via email on or call 07947 924494 to discuss your requirements.

The Kembles of Hereford: birthplace of a theatrical dynasty

When Roger Kemble left Hereford to find a troupe of actors in 1751 he completely fell in love with the theatre. He also fell for Sarah (Sally) Ward, the daughter of the company's manager and they were soon married despite her father's strong objections! But what happened next was extraordinary and led to the rise of a theatrical dynasty who were to dominate the English stage for decades to come. Their eldest daughter Sarah, became Sarah Siddons, recently hailed as "..the most significant actress of all time" while their eldest son, John Philip became known as "the first actor of the world". Their story is also part of Hereford's story and this talk will explore how it too played its part in the arrival of the 'acting profession' in England. 

Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians

Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians, daughter of King Alfred the Great, Anglo Saxon Queen in all but name. She was instrumental in restoring the Mercian territories seized and occupied by the Vikings, and she lay the foundations for the first unification of all England under her adopted son, Æthelstan. A woman in a man’s world, what kind of woman was she? How did she gain the respect of the powerful lords over whom she governed? How did she succeed where her father failed? This illustrated talk attempts to shed light on this fascinating woman and her life.

Historic Hereford

Save on parking and stay warm this winter! Book a video tour of a walk around Hereford for your group. Our expert guides are just as interesting and informative indoors as well as out. You'll be surprised at how much you already know about Hereford….and amazed at how much you don't!

Agriculture & Industry

A city walk that focuses on the story of Herefordshire agriculture and the industries it generated over the centuries. The industrial revolution may not have left much of an impression but the farms and their produce certainly have. Hear about Ryeland sheep and Hereford cattle, bricks and tiles, gloves and hats, cider and hops, saffron and grapes. From the ancient forests that the Iron Age hilltop dwellers and Lord Nelson knew through to the polytunnels of today, take an alternative view of this historic city.

Women in Hereford

Sinners & Suffragettes, Actresses & Artists, this talk will introduce you to some notable female characters from the 15th century through to the present day. Some famous, some infamous, some little known, some anonymous, each have had an impact on the city, the country & in some cases, the world.

What our Customers Say

"It was good to meet Laura last night and to hear her talk. It was amazing and so interesting. As she said we all knew snippets but it was the extra bits that brought it all to life. Many people said how much they enjoyed it. Thank you very much for coming out to Breinton and we look forward to hearing you again. "
Breinton November 2023

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