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Guides Refresher Day 2024

On a sunny Wednesday 8th May, as part of our ongoing training programme, the Guides attended a fascinating Refresher Day visiting locations in Hereford city centre not normally accessible to the public. Amongst these was the Masonic Hall in Kyrle Street, formerly Venn's Road. The building dates from 1851 when it was opened as a public bath house, funded by the Society for Aiding the Industrious, at the behest of the Reverend John Venn. The water was heated using excess steam from the flour mill next door, now Berrow's House. We were able to view the remains of the swimming pool that opened in 1870, the Reverend Venn again the driving force behind this public facility. We were also given a guided tour of the Masonic Hall, and a brief history and explanation of the Freemason movement, hosted by the Company Secretary, the Grand Master and the Deputy Grand Master, to whom we are grateful for their hospitality and this rare insight.



The Malcolm Saville Society visit

The Hereford Guild of Mayor’s Guides was delighted to be able to support The Malcolm Saville Society when its members visited Hereford recently for their 2024 Annual Gathering. This event also marked the 30th anniversary of the Society. Malcolm Saville (1901 – 1982) is a much loved author of children’s books, many of which are set in Shropshire and neighbouring counties. The specific interest on this occasion was the book entitled The Master of Maryknoll, which is based in the Ludlow area and includes an adventure in Hereford itself. Stephen Pugh, the Bookings Officer for the Guild, read the relevant book and was able to combine places of interest in the book with the Guild’s usual city historical walk. As he noted, “in this way we were able to adapt our offering to the very specific requirements and interests of our customers.” One of the more unusual places that was included in the walks was the old police station and magistrates court in the former prison on Goal Street. The photograph below, used by kind permission of Wesley Harcourt, shows one of the three groups in Bishops Meadow on the banks of the Wye with the Cathedral in the background.



History Day 2023

The 2023 History Day event held at the Town Hall was a great success, with visitors and stand holders filling the Town Hall with a constant buzz and chatter. Our Historic Buildings Walk proved to be very popular and attracted 22 walkers. Although there were visitors in the group the majority were locals, many of whom had shown considerable interest at the stand.



Heritage Open Days event 2023

On an unseasonably hot September day, (33 degrees in the shade!), we manned our stand in Hightown for the National Trust’s Heritage Open Days event 2023. We had a good day, conducting 2 free walks, one in the morning with 7 attendees, one in the afternoon with 9 attendees, managing to shelter in any patches of shade along the route! The walk was entitled “Building Hereford Through the Ages - architecture in the historic city centre” as part of the “Creativity Unwrapped” theme of this year’s event. (For more information on this themed walk go to our Booked Walks page.)



Remembering Ian Stead

We were all shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden death of Ian Stead, aged 73, who joined the Guild in the first half of 2022. Although his ‘first love' was Pre History he acknowledged that the more he learned of later eras, whilst studying the history of Hereford, the greater his interest in those later periods became. His wish to help the development of the Guild saw him appointed in the new role of Resources Officer, which he approached with characteristic enthusiasm. In addition to the Guild he was an active member of groups covering local history, archeology, geology, walking and French conversation, as well as taking a lead role in social events in his village, Dinedor. He was also pushing hard to gain the funding and resources for the excavation of his beloved Dinedor Hill Fort. He was an active member of the group excavating Arthur’s Stone last year, and was looking forward to this year’s extension of the dig. He was kind hearted, modest and good humoured. One rainy evening last winter he did not hesitate to come to the rescue of one fellow committee member who found she had a punctured tyre, and insisted on remaining with her until she could safely be on her way. Ian leaves behind his long term partner, two sons and grandchildren and our thoughts are with them. He will be greatly missed.



New Guides at the Mayor's Reception 5th December 2022

Guides, new guides and guests were welcomed by The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Hereford, Councillor Mark Dykes. At the reception the Mayor presented the fifteen newly qualified guides with their badges. They are now all official City of Hereford Mayor's Guides.



Guides' Refresher Day 11th May 2022

The day was all about John Venn, vicar of St Peter’s Church in the 19th century and a philanthropist who worked tirelessly for the welfare of the city’s poor. After an introductory talk and refreshments the guides went on walks, developed by Laura Sommerville and Fiona Rawlinson, covering places of interest associated with John Venn. His legacy still lives on today through Vennture, a Christian cross-church initiative true to John and his sister Emelia’s original vision of loving those who are marginalised or vulnerable.



Mayor's Reception December 2021

The Guides and guests at the Mayor's Christmas Reception in the Town Hall on the 6th December. The Guides were welcomed by The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Hereford, Councillor Paul Stevens.



40th Anniversary Luncheon 8th September 2021

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Hereford Guild of Guides. Founded in 1981 by Jean O'Donnell and supported by the Mayor at that time, Mary Brew, the members of the Guild became the Mayor's Official Guides. The picture to the right shows Jean O'Donnell MBE, Founder and President about to cut the cake. Note how similar the pose looks to the Lion Crest at the top of our City Coat of Arms!



Guides’ Refresher Day 30th June 2021

The day started with a new route for the guides, the Widemarsh Street walk, developed and led by Anne Harbour. After lunch the guides met at Coningsby museum for a guided tour kindly provided by Peter Harris. The museum has been going from strength to strength in recent years. The day ended with a visit to the remains of Blackfriars Priory, the 14c preaching cross and the splendid Rose Garden.



Jeremy Daw

Sunday 25th April 2021 Dear Guides, It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that Jeremy Daw, who qualified as a City Guide in 2016 has died suddenly. He was killed in a road accident yesterday, whilst on duty as a paramedic. I understand, that in a freak accident, a brick went through the windscreen of the ambulance, killing Jeremy who was in the front passenger seat, and injuring the driver of the ambulance. (more on local news, the Hereford Times, social media) Jeremy, aged 66, leaves a wife, children and grandchildren. He was just completing his last few shifts before finally retiring for the second time. He had just retired when the pandemic hit, and so he immediately offered to return to the ambulance service. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Jeremy has certainly left his mark on the Guild of Guides. He was passionate about the History of Hereford and a born communicator. He was a very keen cyclist, and metal detectorist who had made significant finds. I very much appreciated working with him last Sept/ Oct when he was one of the team of 10 Guides who took those walks. Derek has told me that Jeremy was one of the six Guides that Derek followed round in final G of G training, and that Jeremy could not have been more helpful. My hope is, that when we are all able to meet, we will be able to remember Jeremy together. Yours sincerely, Fiona Rawlinson (Head Guide)



Guides Reception 2019

A group photograph taken at the Guild of Guides Christmas Reception at the Town Hall with The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Hereford Councillor Kath Hay on 4th December 2019.



Guides’ Lunch 2019

The 2019 Guild of Guides Lunch will be held at the recently refurbished Green Dragon Hotel on Wednesday 27th November 2019 12.30 pm for 1.00 pm start for lunch. All current and past Guides, their partners, friends and family are welcome to attend. For more details and to book your place please contact the Events Secretary.



Elgar Walk Guide Training 16th November 2019

A group of 6 currently active guides attended a walk led by our leading Elgar guide, Chrissie Lawson, who has family connections with Elgar. The group aimed to broaden its knowledge and guage the possibility to offer more Elgar themed walks in the future. The results were very encouraging with three guides offering to develop their skills and lead walks in the future.



Guides’ News December 2018

The Guides at the Mayor's Christmas Reception in the Town Hall on 3rd December. We welcomed 8 new guides who received their badges from the Mayor, Sue Boulter.



Guides’ News December 2017

The Guides with Mayor Sharon Michael during their Christmas Reception at the Mayor’s Parlour on December 4th 2017



Guides’ News April 2017

Members of the Hereford Guild of Guides took part in a Refresher Day, entitled 'Hidden Gems of Hereford', on Wednesday 26th April in preparation of the new season of City Tours. The group visited the Medieval Hall of the Bishop's Palace, the Old Mayor's Parlour in Church Street, the former Conservative Club in East Street, the Booth Hall with its hammer-beam roof, St. Peter's Church and the Mediaeval Barn in the Cathedral Close.



Guides’ News May 2016

The sun shone for a special celebration held in the historic setting of Kentchurch Court on 4th May 2016. Members enjoyed a guided tour of the house, followed by lunch in the historic dining room and a relaxing walk in the gardens. The picture shows Members looking and listening to Jan Lucas Scudamore during the guided tour of the house.



Guides’ News April 2016

The Guild celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2016. A celebration cake decorated with the city coat of arms was the main attraction at a refresher day held on 13th April 2016.



Guides’ News December 2015

Eleven newly qualified guides received their badges from Mayor Charles Nicholls on 7th December 2015



Guides in the News December 2014

A group photograph taken at the Guild of Guides Christmas Reception at the Town Hall with the Mayor of Hereford on Monday 8th December 2014.


Guides in the News April 2014

From the Hereford Times 24th April 2014. The Hereford Guild of Guides organised a photographic competition of photographs taken within the City Walls. The entrance fees were in support of the City of Hereford Mayor's charity in aid of St. Michael's Hospice and the restoration of Rev. John Venn Memorial Arch. The photographs were displayed in the Butter Market following the judging by Dr. Derek Foxton. The Mayor of Hereford Cllr. Phil Edwards awarded the winners prizes in the Butter Market on Saturday morning the 12th April 2014.



Guides in the News December 2013

A group photograph taken at the Guild of Guides Christmas Reception at the Town Hall with The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Hereford Councillor Phil Edwards on 9th December 2013.



Guides in the News April 2013

Members of the guild held a protest in High Town on Wednesday 30th April about the lack of anything happening to the shrouded, burnt out building opposite the Old House for which we have to apologise when taking visitors round the city. Our thanks to the Hereford Times for permission to use the following photograph which was taken on the occasion.



Guides in the News December 2011

A group photo taken at the Mayor's Reception for newly trained guides which took place in December 2011.



Guides in the News May 2011

This photo show the Guides receiving their bags and umbrellas bought with funds kindly donated by the previous Mayor, Anna Toon, on 13th May just before she finished her term of office.



Guides in the News December 2010

The photograph shows Jean ODonnell, founder and President of the Guild of Guides, and Bob Preece, Head Guide, receiving the first Mayoral Commendation from the Mayor, Councillor Anna Toon. The first Mayoral Commendation to be awarded by a Mayor of the City of Hereford was presented to the Hereford Guild of Guides on Thursday, December 2nd 2010 in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Town Hall. This new award, the ‘Mayor’s Commendation’, has been introduced by the current Mayor of Hereford, Councillor Anna Toon. The Guild was honoured and delighted to be the first to receive the new award. There are currently about thirty guides who lead guided walks of the City. New Guides are trained every three years and over one hundred have been trained over the thirty-year period of the Guild’s existence.



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